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What’s the most honest part of your body?  If you think it’s your eyes, you’re looking in the wrong place!
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In just 0.25 seconds, your clients will unconsciously show you what their mind is thinking and what they’re really feeling.  You need to know this.

Clients are inherently sceptical about financial advisers, yet research shows that people are better off having engaged a good one

With increasing competition from providers building their own sales teams, advisers need to use every skill that’s available to them

Points of differentiation are harder to come by; advisers must work harder or smarter to attract and retain clients than ever before

Qualifications only get advisers a seat at a prospective client’s table, it’s the person who is most credible and engaging who will win their business

Advisers have a relatively short window of opportunity to ‘make their pitch’ – there’s plenty of competition out there, some at the touch of a button

The better advisers know their clients, the better they're able to help them

Brian Hill is the only practising Certified Body Language Trainer in the UK who is also a successful, practising Financial PlannerBrian is the founder of Kinesics Method and holds a Master's  (MSc) in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility Analysis.

In addition to his writing, speaking and training talented financial professionals in non-verbal communications, Brian is Managing Director of Jones Hill, an award winning financial planning practice in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

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How the Kinesics Method can benefit you

Learn to read your client’s involuntary facial micro-expressions



Universal around the world, the ability to read micro expressions correctly and consistently will give you the edge over your competition, but more importantly, insight into what your clients are really feeling

Harness the power of the first 20 seconds of engagement 


You’ll learn that it's not your qualifications or technical ability that influences how a client feels about you, but the first 20 seconds of engagement with you. You'll understand how to harness the power of that initial 20 seconds in such a way that makes rapport building easy

Learn three key skills that will make your handshakes work for you


70% of people don’t feel confident about giving a proper handshake, yet a good handshake is worth three hours of face-to-face time. It's easy to get right, but it’s even easier to get wrong and, if you do, you could give a long-lasting impression of someone who is overbearing or weak. 

The way you stand and sit says more about you than you previously thought



You’ll learn how certain stances make you appear nervous, which can be misinterpreted as vulnerable or even dishonest.  You’ll also discover how your stance may make you appear intimidating and unapproachable.  We’ll ensure you know how to come across as the professional.

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Whether you're phone based or see clients face to face, your tone of voice will determine whether you come across as authoritative and professional, or nervous and unsure. 

Guess which clients prefer? 

We'll show you how to use your voice to give your clients the right impression

Reviews & Feedback

Tom Hegarty, MEng DipPFS

The New Model Business Academy aim to support financial advisers’ soft skills and improve the communication they have with their clients. On a 10 day roadshow, Brian delivered an excellent session on our agenda, which he didn’t just make relevant to our members but he delivered his session with such enthusiasm and passion that he received the highest feedback scores across all other presenters on every one of the 10 days.  I would highly recommend financial services professionals engage Brian to develop their teams.

Brian recently came into Sanctuary Financial to tutor the team. The first session was on the basics of reading body language when dealing with clients. Simple things like identifying when a client may not really be paying attention, or when they may not have fully understood something. In the second session, Brian offered his own insights on how he launched a successful fixed fee financial planning firm, such as our own, and the pitfalls he encountered along the way. Together, these sessions were invaluable, and we now feel far more comfortable in positioning our proposition with clients and relaying it to them in a manner that they will truly understand. Brian's approach is straightforward and offers a really practical approach to resolving issues you may come across. I would highly reccomend Brian to anyone.

I really enjoyed it and I've started trying to bring elements of what we discussed into meetings/life!  A cracking introduction to non-verbal communication. It made me realise that a lot of the time it isn't what the client says that's important but what they don't say, and the course was a great introduction on how to pick up on the tell tale signs of emotions and feelings that are being hidden.

I would like to say thank you for running the day on non-verbal communication. I enjoyed the day and learnt some good stuff around how we communicate without really knowing it. Self-awareness is important and this day gave enough insight for me to change my behaviour and become more aware. would certainly recommend all financial planners that want to improve their communication skills with clients, in the work place or just personal use should come on this day. It will open your eyes.

The material we covered struck the right balance for me between theory and practical application and I was surprised at how instantly usable all of the material is both with clients and out in the world as well.  For me, the use of voice tone and tempo is something that I am using already and the things we covered on micro expressions was so interesting and this is something I want to learn more about and practise.  I'd definitely recommend this course to other interested in improving their interactions with their clients and being more persuasive. 

Non-verbal communication training provides invaluable skills for Financial Planners, both seasoned and new. As the profession moves away from products and solutions and towards financial life coaching and lifestyle planning, the ability to listen with your eyes as well as your ears is an essential skill that few have.  Brian’s training is outstanding in this sphere and I would recommend it to anyone. We believe in it so much that we have persuaded Brian to join our team of trainers in the Financial Planning Training Academy where he delivers an introduction to non-verbal communication.

Brian’s session on non-verbal communication was a real eye opener for me. In a world full of words, data and information, it is easy to ignore what is happening right in front of your own eyes. Brian’s session has certainly made me more aware of my own body and given me some really useful tips and guidance on what to look for in others.

I found Brian’s sessions entertaining and calming. He provides great ideas for interpreting client’s body language and considering your own, which you can use straight away. I’m looking forward to learning more.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday.  It was a great session and I can genuinely say that I picked up some great tips to use in my role. 

Dan Wilcox, Client Adoption and Service Manager

Thanks again for your time on Tuesday, it was a fascinating few hours. This has definitely had a positive effect on the engagement and richness of my client interactions.

Simon Trebble, Dip PFS Financial Planner

As part of a financial planning training day, Brian presented a session on body language and nonverbal communication. The session was very interesting and provided me with great ideas on ways of building confidence through nonverbal communications and also understand a client's feelings and emotions through their body language. Since attending the session, I have actively tried to use Brian’s techniques and have noticed that clients have become more engaged during meetings.

Firstly I would like to echo what has already been said, yesterday was a fantastic session!  You weren’t wrong when you said it couldn’t be unseen.   

We all took a lot out of yesterday and are collectively feeling rejuvenated!  I’ve found it hard to pick just one thing I will be doing differently as there are a few things I have already embedded today.

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